If you are a youth under the age of 18 and homeless call the New Jersey Department of Children and Families toll-free hotline at 1-855-INFO-DCF (1-855-463-6323)
Adolescent Housing Hub:
Are you looking for a place to call home?
The Adolescent Housing Hub helps young people locate safe and stable housing options throughout New Jersey. These programs can help you take the next step on the road to independence!
What is “The Hub”?
“The Hub” is a system that has been created for all Adolescent Transitional Housing Programs. These programs are located throughout NJ, and “the Hub” helps link up young people that are in need of housing with programs that have openings.
How does it work?
Young people or supportive adults can contact PerformCare and complete a consultation over the phone with one of their housing specialists. If you’re eligible for one or more housing programs, you’ll be contacted to set-up an interview.
How do I take the next step?
Talk with your DCP&P worker, DCBHS care manager, advocate, or another supportive adult in your life. Together you can plan a time to call. When you’re ready, contact PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 and press "4" to access "The Hub".
Click here for more information on the Adolescent Housing Hub

Covenant House Of New Jersey
Is the largest provider in the state of services to homeless and at-risk adolescents under 22. In addition to food, shelter, clothing, and crisis care, Covenant House New Jersey provides health care, educational and vocational services, counseling, drug abuse treatment and prevention programs, legal services, mother/child programs, transitional living programs, street outreach, and aftercare. If you or someone you know is homeless and in need of a place to sleep please call 1-800-999-9999 or directly at 973-621-8705.
Click here for more information on the Covenant House

Life Skills programs can help you prepare to get a job, manage money, get connected with other resources in your community, make plans for your future housing and education, and many other things that can help you live more independently. For more information on the Life Skills programs in your area, click on the link to your county on the list (on the right side of this page) and then click on "Life Skills Programs".
Aftercare programs provide support services to young people between the ages of 18 and 22. They can help you find employment, housing and educational opportunities, and much more. See below for contact info for the Aftercare program in your area. For more information on the Aftercare programs in your area, click on the link to your county on the list (on the right side of this page) and then click on "Aftercare Programs".
The Youth Permanency Programs (YPP) will assist youth who are at risk of aging out of the child welfare system without a caring adult. The YPP staff will provide you with intensive permanency related services to help you develop the skills that encourage safe, sustainable connections. You will be presented with the opportunity to maintain contacts with important people in your life. The YPP will help you with the resources, skills and supports to sustain a lifelong relationships with family or other caring adults. If you are interested in this program or would addition please contact the Office of Adolescent Services at 609-888-7100.
CAFS-Youth Permanency Program- Passaic, Hudson, Bergen, Essex and Union Counties,
The North Ward Center – Youth Permanency Program – Essex County
Robin’s Nest-Life Long Connections - Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem, Atlantic and Cape May
Medicaid Extension for Young Adults (MEYA)
Did you know that you might qualify to receive health insurance through the state of New Jersey until you’re 26 years old?
That’s right—if you were in foster care and receiving Medicaid when you turned 18, you may be able to receive Medicaid until you’re 26, regardless of how much money you make.
How do I find out if I am eligible?
Talk you your DCP&P case worker (if you have an open case), or call the Medicaid Extension for Young Adults (MEYA) at 1-888-235-4766.
Federally Qualified Health Centers
New Jersey’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) offer a wide range of health care services for the entire family. You don’t need health insurance to get care at a center. Centers serve the uninsured and underinsured, as well as patients with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. If you’re uninsured, your bill will be based on your ability to pay. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Services provided by the centers include:

  • Pediatric Services/Well Baby Care
  • Women’s Health/Prenatal Care
  • Adolescent Health
  • Internal and Family Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • Foot Care
  • Mental Health
  • Dental Care
  • Social Services
  • Case Management
  • Nutritional Counseling (WIC)
  • Health Education
  • Evaluation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing
  • HIV/Hepatitis C Medical Care
  • Eligibility for Medicare/Medicaid
  • Laboratory Services
  • Referrals for Specialty Care
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Outreach and Marketing
  • Patient Transportation
Click here To find a Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in your city or county

NJ Family Planning Centers
These centers also service males and females. They are not part of Planned Parenthood but can assist in many of the areas already mentioned above including testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Private Insurance
Individuals may be carried under their parents/caregiver’s health insurance plan until the age of 26 or 31. Check to see if you are covered under an existing policy and visit the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance website for additional information: Click here To find more information on Private Insurance..
Services Available through PerformCare
The Department of Children and Families provides behavioral health services to children and youth through different agencies depending on the level of need. To connect to behavioral health services contact 1-877-652-7624. This service is called PerformCare. Young people eligible for services through PerformCare are mostly between the ages of 5 and 18 and must live in NJ. Special consideration is given for services to youth under age 5.
Mental Healthcare
Your mental health is IMPORTANT! If you or someone you know needs help, NJ Children's System of Care has connections to many different types of supports. You can see all they have to offer by Clicking Here
Making Healthy Choices: A Guide on Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care
Click Here to download a guide from the National Resource Center for Youth Development which was written specifically for youth in foster care, with input from youth and professionals.This guide looks at ways for youth to handle powerful feelings and behaviors and make healthy choices.
College Open Houses
With hundreds of colleges choose from available to students, picking the best match for each individual can be difficult. Visiting a school during their open house event can be the deciding factor in what school you would like to attend. If you'd like to know when the university you've applied to is having an open house or information session for incoming students, click here.

NJ Vocational High Schools
New Jersey’s county vocational-technical school districts are national models for preparing high school students and adults for college and 21st century careers. Students can learn a variety of trades. Some become chefs, graphic designers or auto technicians. Others train to qualify as first responders, nurses, and master electricians. Students can earn certifications and state licenses as part of their high school curriculum. Many districts offer career academies for talented students in areas like engineering, visual and performing arts, health sciences, and information technology. If one of these types of careers sounds like it might right for you, click here to learn more.

NJ County Community Colleges
Community Colleges in New Jersey provide a variety of courses and associate degree programs for young people who want to continue their education beyond high school. Many students begin their studies at a community college and then go on to earn a degree at a four-year college. Click here to find the Community College that is closest to you.

NJ Four-Year Public/Private Colleges & Universities
New Jersey has some of the best colleges and universities in the country, and with so many different programs you're bound to find one that's a fit for you. Click here to start your search for the local 4-year school that offers the quality education you deserve.

RWM Vocational Schools Database
Ever thought of a career as a baker? How about an automotive technician, or a medical or dental assistant? What about a massage therapist, pharmacy technician or nurse? With info on vocational schools throughout the country, this website can help you find a program that has the trade you want to learn. Click here to check it out.

Career Schools in NJ
Career schools provide students with the training and skills necessary to find successful employment in a variety of exciting careers such as business, computers, technology and health care. Click here to see all the programs NJ has to offer.

Business Schools in NJ
Do you want a career in business? Click here for a list of all the schools in NJ that offer business programs, including accounting, business administration, management, marketing, e-commerce, international business, office administration and computer information management.

Computer Schools in NJ
Are you good with computers? If so, why not make it a career? New Jersey has a lot of schools that can prepare you for a future in Informational Technology. Whether you're interested in network management, computer support, programming, software administration, pc technician, internet technologies, or web operations, you can find a program that's a fit for you right here in the garden state. Click here to see all the computer training programs NJ has to offer.

Online Education Database
Find career descriptions, college and university degree program info, and much more. The website also lists different specialty scholarships, subject/degree-based, ethnicity-based, and religion-based scholarships, as well as scholarships based on the degree type and educational level you're pursuing. Click here to check it out.

Educational Stability for Youth in Foster Care

In 2010, New Jersey passed the Education Stability Law which allows children and youth in foster care to remain in their “school of origin” unless it is determined to be in a child’s best interest to go to a new district. This very important decision is not made alone. The DCP&P worker will talk to people involved, including parents, the child’s attorney (law guardian), school staff and the child, and make a decision based on “best interest” factors. Click here for more information on what this might mean for you and/or the people you care most about.

For detailed information on what the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Education (DOE) are doing to promote educational stability for young people, Click here to access the “Improving the Educational Outcomes of Children in Out-of-Home Placements: An Interagency Guidance Manual”

Do you have questions about the information above or what "Educational Stability" means for you? Every DCP&P Local Office has an “Educational Stability Liaison” that can help you figure it out. Click here for a directory of Educational Stability Liaisons throughout NJ.

New Jersey Youth ChalleNGe Academy
This residential program prepares young people to take the GED. The program follows a military-like structure focusing on education, training, and service to community. Cadets (students)focus on eight core components that develop the whole person in terms of mind, body and personal values. To see if the ChalleNGHe academy is right for you, Click Here to visit there website and learn more.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
No matter where you plan to go to school, chances are, you'll need financial assistance. Did you know that the US Department of Education gives out $150 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds each year to more than 13 million students paying for college or career school? To get your piece, you've got to apply for it, and you need to start by completing the FAFSA. Click here to learn more about the FAFSA and how it can help you finance the education of your dreams.

Also, there are some specific questions on the FAFSA that are aimed at young people in foster care, and filling these out correctly helps you maximize the amount of financial aid you can receive. For more information, Click Here for tip sheets that can help you find out how to answer these questions in the right way.

Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA)
HESAA is the only New Jersey state agency with the mission of providing students and families with financial and informational resources for students to pursue their education beyond high school. They offer a variety of grants, scholarships and financial aid programs for NJ residents. Click here for more info.

New Jersey Foster Care Scholars (NJFC)
Do you need help paying for college or trade school?

The New Jersey Foster Care (NJFC) Scholars Program helps many foster and homeless youth with tuition and fees at a public New Jersey college, university, or vocational school. Scholarships are also available for young people that go to private or out of state schools.

You may be able to receive scholarships that help with:
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Room and Board
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Computers/Special Equipment
  • Child Care Costs
Click here to find out more information and to get the latest NJFC application

Click here for the answers to some common questions about the scholarship

You can also contact the NJFC Scholarship Program at 1-800-222-0047 or

New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ STARS)
NJ STARS is a scholarship program for New Jersey residents that covers the cost of tuition at NJ's 19 community colleges. Students who rank in the top 15 percent of their high school class at the end of their junior or senior year may be eligible. Click here for more info

NJ Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) provides financial assistance and support services (e.g. counseling, tutoring, and developmental course work) to students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds who attend institutions of higher education in the State of New Jersey. Undergraduate grants range from $ 200 to $2,500 annually depending on the type of institution and financial need. These grants are renewable based upon continued eligibility.

For more information, and to see if you might be eligible for EOF, Click Here

National Guard Youth Challenge

a preventive rather than remedial at-risk youth program, targets participants who are unemployed, drug-free and law-free high-school dropouts, 16 to 18 years of age. For more information please ClickHere

New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator (NJCAN)
Not sure exactly what you want your career to be? Or do you know exactly what you want to do? Either way, NJCAN can help you navigate the career path that's right for you.

You can look at detailed information about different careers based on your interests, find out about the education you'll need, and how much money you can expect to make depending on where you live.There's also great information on getting your resume in shape, preparing for interviews, becoming self-employed, and jobs in the military.

Get started today by visiting the NJCAN website

NJ One-Stop Centers
Are you looking for a job or occupational training? The New Jersey One-Stop Career Centers are the place to start, and can help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century work environment.

Amongst others, resources provided include the following:

  • Career exploration: help in identifying jobs that are interesting to you
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Occupational Training for jobs that are highly in demand by employers
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Connections to employers searching for workers
  • Educational Assistance
  • On-site resource rooms (computers, telephones, fax, etc.)

Visit and/or call your local One Stop Career Center and ask about Youth Programming for ages 16 to 24. If you are interested in developing your resume or need help with job training/search, someone will be there to help you. Click Here to find the “One Stop” in your area

Job Corps
Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life.

Click here to learn more about Job Corps

New Jersey Youth Corps
New Jersey Youth Corps is one of the largest youth service and conservation corps in the United States. Youth Corps is a year-round, voluntary program which engages young adults (ages 16-25) in full-time community service, training, and educational activities.

Guided by staff who serve as mentors and role models, teams of youth called "crews" carry out a wide range of service projects. In return for their efforts to restore and strengthen communities, Corps members receive:

  1. education development in basic skills and preparation to obtain a GED or locally issued Adult High School Diploma;
  2. life skills and employability skills instruction;
  3. personal and career counseling to build self-esteem, clarify values, and develop leadership skills while they are developing their career portfolio;
  4. transition services and continuing support services as they transition to college, training, employment or other national and domestic service opportunities;
  5. community service opportunities which develop positive employability skills while addressing unmet community needs. Corps members receive a stipend while enrolled in Youth Corps.
Click here to see a list of NJ Youth Corps in your area

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development
This website offers resume tutorials, a cover letter template, links to scholarship and loan websites, salary details based on occupation, and more. Click here to visit their website and get more info.

NJ Next Stop
Is a state site sponsored to help NJ teens, parents, and counselors learn more about career interests, career options, and the world of work. Click here to start exploring.

The US Department of Labor
A career website that has tools to help young people find training, search for jobs, explore careers and locate other helpful resources. Click here to check it out.

New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS)
Provides services that allow individuals with disabilities to find or keep their existing jobs. DVRS works with individuals with all types of disabilities, including significant physical, mental health or substance abuse issues and learning disabilities. Click here to get more info.

Is a national network program that partners with other organizations in order to offer participants of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to receive guidance and training to develop their talents and enhance their skills. Click here to find out more about AmeriCorps service.

Low-income young people ages 16 to 24 work full-time for 6 to 24 months toward their GEDs or high school diplomas while learning job skills by building affordable housing in their communities. Click here to learn more about Youth Build.

Career Connections NJ
This site will help guide you to some of New Jersey's best online tools for finding work, finding skilled employees and connecting to the many programs established to aid businesses and workers. Click here to see what's available.

The Corps Network
Corps are comprehensive youth development programs that provide their participants with job training, academic programming, leadership skills, and additional support through a strategy of service that improves communities and the environment. Click here to find out all they have to offer.

Peace Corps
The Peace Corps sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world. Peace Corps Volunteers work at the grassroots level toward sustainable change that lives on long after their service, while at the same time becoming global citizens and serving their country. Click here to learn more.

Higher Learning = Higher Earning
Are you a little unsure about your career path? Check out this helpful guide to learn about both traditional and nontraditional ways to get the education you need for the career that's right for you.

Mapping Your Future
This website has some great info on career development resources, college preparation, financial aid, and money management for students, families, and schools. Click here to start mapping your future today.

America’s Career InfoNet
Career One-Stop provides free tools and resources on a range of topics including career assessment, education and training, finding a job, and starting or growing a business. Click here for more info.

O*Net Resource Center (Occupational Information Network)
This career exploration database can help match your personality, knowledge, skills and abilities with different types of jobs and careers. Click here to see what careers fit you best.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
This website has tons of great info on employment trends for the 2010-20 decade. Click here to see which jobs are hot and what you need to do to get one.

"Skills to Pay the Bills" - Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success
This curriculum focuses on developing "soft" or workforce-readiness skills for young people, ages 14 to 21. Hands-on activities focus on six key skill areas: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism. Click here to learn more, download the curriculum, or view a series of videos that focus on each skill area.


Is a New Jersey organization that offers health services and group support resources for people ages 13 to 26. They have developed two support groups called "First & Third" and "PFLAG" for LGBTQ youth and their loved ones. Click Here to get more info.

Hetrick Martin Institute

HMI: New Jersey (formerly HMI: Newark) is the first comprehensive LGBTQ youth out-of-school time program in New Jersey dedicated to providing youth who are at-risk of harassment, abuse, neglect, homelessness and disconnection with a safe, supportive environment in which to grow and thrive. HMI: New Jersey serves youth from Essex, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties and is the only LGBT organization contracted with the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Click Here to learn more!

The Pride Center of New Jersey

Offers numerous social, supportive, educational, entertaining, and fun events and groups for the LGBTQI community every month. Click Here to check it out.

NJ Gay Life
Provides a listing of local events happening throughout New Jersey to connect the LGBTQ community members. Also this website provides an online directory of New Jersey businesses as well as a support group calendar that is organized by issues and geographic locations. Click Here to get more info.

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Is a national non-profit organization located in Washington, DC. The non-profit provides support for the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends. It offers support, online information, events and programs, as well as scholarships and advocacy opportunities. Click Here for more information.

The Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Is dedicated to make sure that students in schools are being respected regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and/or expression. The network strives to create school settings that valued differences for a more powerful and diverse community. Click Here to learn more.

Equality Federation

Is a national alliance of state-based lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy organizations. Click Here to learn more.

Human Rights Campaign(HRC)

Advocates on behalf of GLBT Americans, mobilizes grassroots actions in diverse communities, invests strategically to elect fair-minded individuals to office and educates the public about GLBT issues. Click Here to check it out.

NALGAP: The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals and Their Allies
Is a membership organization founded in 1979 and dedicated to the prevention and treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse and other addictions in lesbian, gay, transgender, queer communities. Click Here to see get more info.

Lambda Legal

Is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and everyone living with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work. https://www.lambdalegal.org/

Garden State Equality

Is New Jersey’s statewide advocacy and education organization for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. https://www.gardenstateequality.org/

PROUD Family Health

PROUD Family Health at RWJ Somerset Family Practice Appointments: 855-776-8334 Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is the first hospital in New Jersey to offer specialized primary care services for the LGBTQIA community at our PROUD Family Health at RWJ Somerset Family Practice. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can get the medical care you need at all stages of your life.

The "Teen Resources Intended to Aid & Nurture Gays, Lesbians & Everyone" (TRIANGLE) guide has lots of great information on programs and services for the LGBTQI community in New Jersey and throughout the country. Click HERE to check out the guide!

New Jersey Parent Link
This early childhood, parent and professional resource center provides info on pregnancy and resources for parents. Click here to check it out.
Teen-Age Parents Program (TAPP)
TAPP supports young people (under 21) in their transition to parenthood and other adult roles while reducing the risk of child abuse and neglect. The program provides counseling and case management services to pregnant and parenting teens and their families. Life skill workers offer flexible, outreach-oriented services as a means of engaging the trust and involvement of the young parents. A peer support group helps to build a supportive network. Consultation and education on issues of teen sexuality and adolescent pregnancy are available to the community. Call 609-518-5470 for more information.
Maternal and Child Health Consortia
These private non-profit organizations provide programs, activities, education, and infant and follow-up care to pregnant women and parents to help improve the health of children. Click here to check out the details.
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthhod is a health care provider specializing in reproductive and sexual healthcare. Through pregnancy prevention, STD prevention, and sex education, Planned Parenthood empowers teens to make informed choices and lead healthy lives. With 28 offices in New Jersey, there is probably one close to where you live.
Click Here to Learn More and Find a Planned Parenthood Office Near You.
Click Here to See Special Information for Teenagers.
The Programs Below are Special Housing Programs for Young People that are Pregnant or Parenting
Crossroads Programs Inc. (Capable Adolescent Mothers)
610 Beverly-Rancocas Road Willingboro, NJ 08046
Phone: 609-880-0210
Fax: 609-880-0230
Center For Great Expectations
19B Dellwood Lane Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone: 732-247-7003
Fax: 732-247-7043
Toll-free: (855) HOPELIVES - 855.467.3548
Twin Oaks Community Services (Teen-Age Parents Program)
79 Chestnut St, Lumberton, NJ 08048
Phone: 609-518-5470
Fax: 609-518-5484
Union Industrial Home (Parenting Fathers)
4 N. Broad Street, 2nd Floor Suite 2R, Trenton, NJ 08608
Phone: 609-695-3663
Fax: 609-695-3208

Life Ties (Rainbow House)
Vivian D. Harmon, M.Ed., MSW, LSW
Administrative Office
John S. Watson Sr. Building
2205 Pennington Road, Trenton, NJ 08638
Phone: 609-394-6747
Fax: 609-396-5848
The Department of Children and Families' Family and Community Partnership (FCP) network provides many services and programs for children, young adults and families throughout NJ. These include:

Family Success Centers
Offer programs aimed at making families stronger through a variety of locally-based services, and building supportive connections in your community.

School Based Youth Services Programs (SBYSP)
Provide mental health and family services; health services; substance abuse counseling; employment services; pregnancy prevention programs; learning support services; referrals to community based services; and recreation. Open to all young people ages 10 -19 enrolled in any school that hosts a SBYSP.

Home Visitation Programs
Provide early support to families with infants and young children across the state. Home visitors provide pregnant women and new parents with health information, parenting education, and links to other resources that support child and family well-being.

The FCP's also provide juvenile delinquency and child abuse prevention programs, domestic violence services, and much more.

Click here for a statewide directory of programs and services to find out what is available in your county!
Is a confidential and anonymous statewide helpline for New Jersey's youth and young adults. Youth can call 2NDFLOOR at (888) 222-2228 and find information on the website at www.2ndfloor.org

Provides information and assistance to all NJ residents in the areas of health, human services, community resources and government assistance programs. You do not have to be in crisis to seek help from NJ211. To access NJ211 dial 211 or visit the website at www.nj211.org.. The alternative telephone number is 1-800-HELP555 (1-800-435-7555).
One Simple Wish

Got a simple wish? Maybe a new bed, personal care products, school supplies, music lessons or something else that you can't afford?

One Simple Wish wants to help!

Since 2008 One Simple Wish has been granting wishes to children and young people in foster care through their website at www.onesimplewish.org. They’ve helped young people go to summer camp, get laptops for school, travel to meet with their families, and so much more. Wishes are as unique as the children who make them!

If you have a wish, or would like to make a wish come true for someone, Click here to check out the One Simple Wish website or contact them at info@onesimplewish.org

NJ Department of Human Services

Offers a website that lists a wide range of programs, information and services designed to assist individuals, families and communities throughout the State of New Jersey. Visitors to the website will discover if they qualify for any of the 28 state and federal programs designed to help find housing, employment, child care, health insurance, prescriptions, pay for food or more. For more information please visitClick Here


Do you like to perform? Well then the ALL STARS PROJECT is for you!

This program works to better the lives of youth and urban communities in New Jersey, using the power of performance to bring everyone together . The program helps young adults between the ages of 5-25 by preparing them for auditions, talent shows, rehearsals, and performance workshops. The ALL STARS PROJECT host various programs that will engage young adults to develop their community and their talents as well.

To find out more information about The All Stars Project please Click Here

Foster Club

Is an organization dedicated to lead the efforts of young people in and from foster care to become connected, educated, inspired and represented so they can realize their personal potential and contribute to better life for their peers. For more information on The Foster Club please Click here

Foster Care Alumni

Foster Care Alumni's (FCA) mission is to connect the alumni community and to transform policy and practice, ensuring opportunity for people in and out of foster care.

To learn more information about Foster Care Alumni (FAC) please Click Here

Foster Care Alumni

Foster Care Alumni's (FCA) mission is to connect the alumni community, and to change policy and practice to make better opportunities for people in and out of foster care. To learn more information about Foster Care Alumni (FAC) please Click Here

The Pathways to Academic and Career Exploration to Success (PACES) program supports current or former foster youth and young adults in their successful transition to and retention in post-secondary education (including career technical education) and workforce readiness.  The target population for these programs will be youth and young adults ages 16-21 who are eligible for NJ Foster Care (NJFC) Scholars as determined by DCF.  For details about eligibility please click here.

The PACES programs' academic and career coaches will address identified academic needs, typically in reading, writing, and/or math; assist students in career exploration to promote college and career readiness; help students prepare for, identify, and apply to career technical schools or colleges and universities that are a best fit; and prepare students for their adjustment to and integration into their post-secondary communities.

The PACES providers will serve youth who live within the Region they cover.  The following is a list of PACES provider agencies with the counties served.

Region 1 Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Morris, Sussex, Warren
Care Plus Inc. - Program Director Jodi Martino
Phone: 201-265-8200

Region 2 Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset
Foster and Adoptive Family Services - Program Director Marjorie Blicharz

Region 3 Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean
Foster and Adoptive Family Services - Program Director Marjorie Blicharz
Phone: 609-520-1500

Region 4 Essex and Union
Community Access Unlimited - Program Director Tanya Johnson
Phone: 908-354-3040

Region 5 - Camden and Burlington
Robins Nest - Program Director Erin Klein
Phone: 856-881-8689

Region 6 Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem
Robins Nest - Program Director Erin Klein
Phone: 856-881-8689

For more detailed information about the program including the referral process you may also contact Charles Crudup or Michele Safrin from the DCF Office of Educational Support and Programs/Adolescent services at 609-888-7100.

*The presentation of agencies, programs or services on the NJYRS website do not necessarily reflect endorsement of these resources by the NJ Department of Children and Families.